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Is a sweet-tooth ruining your game?

Hello gang...

I've just read this very good snippet from a fellow PT's blog. So I thought I'd share with you guys.

Get up and do some moving today...don't sit around saying you'll do it later...make it a must now! Chop chop...get your gear on. Pre breakfast, just grab some water and go. Need only be 30 mins of brisk walking or a 10 min hop around to a dvd. Doesn't matter...just get your heart rate up and enjoy it.

Anyway...fat loss tips...

Get a sweet craving after a meal that is derailing your fat loss progress?

There’s a reason for that, and so there’s something you can do about it

Try this:

1 - This could be due to classical conditioning. You have historically had something sweet after a meal, so now you crave that. In order to stop this craving you need to replace your dessert with something else that you find satisfying. It’s really up to you to choose what this will be, but walking the dog, listening to music or playing video games are things that have anecdotally been effective.

2 - This could be due to boredom. Do you finish your evening meal then sit in front of a not-actually-all-that-engaging TV show? If so, there’s your problem. There’s nothing wrong with TV, but if you’re just using it to kill time and not being genuinely engaged in the show – do something else that you actually enjoy! No boredom = no craving.

3 - This could be due to strong flavours leaving you wanting to cleanse your palette. Go brush your teeth.

4 - This could potentially be due to a psychological craving for something that tastes good. Eating bland meals? This may make it worse – practice some new recipes and bust out the spices

5 - Finally – this could just be down to an overly restrictive diet. Can you fit a Cadburys Freddo bar into your day easily enough? Do it, satisfy the craving and watch your overall adherence skyrocket!

"Keep your head up. I have failed many times, and I still do. The key is to fail less as time goes on".

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