Hi I'm Rosie

a certified Level 4 Exercise Referral, Chronic Lower Back Pain Specialist, Personal Trainer, BTN Nutrition Coach and gym manager at Sands Resort fitclub in Newquay.


passion for all things sport & fitness started over 2 decades ago with a successful equestrian career, including riding for team GB at international, championship level. 


the past 10 years my focus has shifted away from the dressage arena and into the gym, attaining a number of qualifications along with a wealth of knowledge. I believe exercise should be effective, fun and enjoyable.


signature approach is not about a one off fitness fling but the start of a journey to a healthier, fitter and more body-confident you. I am also qualified to train people with medical conditions such as Chronic Lower Back Pain, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, osteoporosis, arthritis and diabetes.


a successful track record I only ask my trainees to open their minds to change and I believe it’s never too late to transform your mindset, fitness level & body shape given the right guidance and support.


based in Porth (just north of Newquay) at Sands Resort Hotel & Spa. I am also based in St. Mawgan Village. I offer Personal Training either on a one to one basis, couples or small group sessions. These sessions are carried out at the gym at Sands Resort or at a private 1:1 Gym in St. Mawgan. All you need is comfortable clothes and a good sports bra (ladies only, obviously!) oh yes, and trainers.

I specialize in

Weight loss/gain management

General & competition fitness

Muscle Toning & hypertrophy (muscle growth)

Posture alignment, correction & Core stability

Chronic Lower Back Pain

Exercise referral for 14 different medical conditions including high blood pressure,diabetes, osteoporosis, high cholesterol, arthritis & joint replacement

Raising your metabolism

Nutritional support

Increasing your motivation

Increasing your energy levels

Sustainable results

The Unicorn Team programme

30 minutes initial consultation – a chat about your lifestyle and goals.

Free confidential health assessment including body composition analysis.

Thorough tutorials which allow you to understand the machines & routines so you can work out by yourself between personal training sessions.

Exercise programmes for clients with certain medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoporosis, high cholesterol and arthritis. 

Motivation – not just throughout each session but through phone, texts and email.

Individualised personal training programmes – designed for your body, your life, your goals.

Dietary analysis and nutrition advice – to help you understand nutrition and develop long-term healthy eating plans.

Effective and efficient workouts – no wasted time or effort.

Progressive and varied sessions – so you are always making progress and having fun.

Reps L4 badge.jpg

OCR Level 2 Fitness Instructor
OCR Level 2 Teaching Physical Activity To Children
OCF Level 3 Award In Nutrition For Physical Activity
CYQ Level 3 Personal Training
CYQ Level 3 Award in Nutrition & Weight Management

BTN Academy Nutritionist

The Wright Foundation Level 3 Diploma in Exercise Referral

The Wright Foundation Level 4 Chronic Lower Back Pain Specialist 

British Indoor Rowing Go Row Instructor 

Premier Training Award in Postural Assessment & Corrective Exercise
CYQ Award in Circuit Training

Suspension Training Instructor
Emergency First Aid 

REPS Registered