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Find a training buddie

Up until recently I've been lucky enough to train daily with friend Matt. Annoyingly he's joined another gym closer to home leaving me without my training buddy!

For the first week or so it was novel training alone but now it's left me with little inspiration when it's time for my work out. Losing that bit of motivation makes it difficult to push myself harder when I'm "Billy no mates".

Working out with a friend, spouse or family member can be so beneficial to your long term fitness goals. If you struggle to find someone close to home then why not ask a college at work or that fellow gym member you've chatted to in the changing rooms from time to time. You never know they may be keen to link up once or twice a week.

Here are my top 5 reasons to have a gym buddy!

1) You will be accountable!

It’s easy to let yourself down and skip the odd workout here & there. But if you’re buddy is relying on you you’re more likely to hit the gym than try and get out of it with an excuse.

2) You will improve!

Having someone by your side during your workout can give you that needed encouragement and positive energy. It doesn't mean you compete with them but it’s excellent motivation to push yourself a little further each time.

3) You will enjoy it!

Conversation and the power of distraction can break up the monotony of a work out. Chatting can make that agonizing 10 minutes on the cross trainer feel a lot shorter and less daunting if you natter your way through it.

4) You can afford a personal trainer!

Booking a training session with a partner works out much cheaper than having a one to one session. I offer couples/friends sessions at £15 each for 60 minutes...saving £10!

5) You will keep it interesting!

Having a partner will keep your work outs varied, and fresh. Your body needs lots of different exercises to keep adapting and guessing. Set yourselves some homework and each find a different exercise to learn and bring to the gym. That way you won’t repeat those stale workouts & plateau your progress.

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