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3 Reasons Why You Can't Get New Habits to Stick (and How to Combat Them)

Getting new habits to stick is tricky, but if you take a moment to understand why they might not be sticking, it might help you understand how you can change your trajectory.

Here are the reasons that might be stopping you from gaining that new habit (and what to do about it):

  • Your mindset is stuck in the past. Reframe your thinking and create a new identity around the way you would like to be. Shift your mindset to believe that you are a person who can make the change you wish to make.

  • You don't have the right resources or tools yet. Habit change is about making the habit change simple. If we don't have the right resources, how can we expect to start making it happen? Figure out ways to incorporate the right tools to support the habit you're trying to form.

  • We keep prioritising other things. Things like work are definitely important, but your self-care is equally important. We need to make our new habits a priority so that we avoid abandoning them after we start.


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