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A few reasons to love yourself.

Have you had a productive week? Everyone enjoying their workouts and feeling happy with their progress so far?

So this weekend is Valentine’s Day! So I thought I'd spread some love and positivity to all my lovely clients!

We all attend the gym for various personal reasons...all seeking to be stronger, thinner, bigger, healthier and happier...but we should take a good look at ourselves and love what we already have!

Yes, we want to change things but we should love what we have already right?

Here are a few reasons to love yourself...even when you feel guilty for eating cake (we all do it), annoyed that you missed the gym (life is too busy sometimes) or just defeated that you couldn't push for that extra rep or mile!

1) Life will still be the same

Your life won't be different if your body is a little bit different. Everyone who loves you will love you just as much no matter how much you weigh.

2) You'll worry less

Your precious time is better spent doing something more productive than worrying about your figure. Like spending time with your friends, finally crossing another book off your reading list, or having a good clear out at home.

3) Allow yourself naughty food (occasionally)

Food and eating is one of my favourite hobbies! Allow yourself to eat something you know is naughty every now and again. We don't take the pleasure out of food by depriving you...Krispy Kreme donuts, ice cream and mint chocolate are my favourites! Just remember the more naughtiness you eat the slower your progress.

4) Stop striving for perfection

There is no such thing as a perfect body! Chasing a "perfect" figure is about as foolish an errand as trying to ride every ride in Disney World without waiting in line. It's not real!

5) Praise your progress

You have so many life accomplishments to boast already! Think about what you've achieved at work, with your family, with your friends. How much stronger and fitter you are than that very first session with me in the gym!

Sounds like your life is pretty sweet no matter what you look like.

We all love a good moan but just remember...if you're able to get up, get to the gym and get is good!

See you soon

“The only difference between a positive day and a negative day is your attitude ”


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