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4 simple tips for staying consistent

I hope you've all managed to get to the gym this week?

We've all been in the situation where you can’t quite fit the gym in yet you promise yourself you’ll “get a swim in or go for a brisk walk instead” and then you never get round to that either.

All of a sudden a week has gone by and the only exercise you've done is from the sofa to the fridge...we've all done it.

Consistency is the key to success! It’s no good being good just some of the needs to be most of the time!

Here are 4 simple tips for staying consistent. 1. Schedule your workout

Think of your workout like any other appointment or activity in your day, block off a set time in your schedule for it. Too often people think of their workout out as something to squeeze in between other daily commitments if they have the time. If you have set days and times to workout it no longer becomes a struggle to try and figure out when to get to the gym.

2. Accountability

Work out with a partner or group, especially with a trainer (me!). Guilt is a powerful motivator! Not wanting to let your workout buddy or trainer down will get you to the gym on those days tired, busy days when excuses are close at hand. Even telling a friend, family member or co-worker that you will work out that day helps, again, because you won’t want to let them down and have to tell them you didn't accomplish your goal.

3. Goals

Set S.M.A.R.T. goals (Specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, timely) Weather its body fat %, lifting a certain weight or a dress size! Set a goal to work towards in the gym. That goal will give you a purpose and something to get excited about during your workouts as well as a great feeling of accomplishment when you reach it. This will keep you feeling successful, productive and wanting to work hard to keep it up!

4. Sleep and Nutrition

Being tired or not feeling well is another common excuse to skip out on a workout. Proper sleep and nutrition will keep you full of energy and feeling good all day long; making it easy to get through an hour at the gym, your run, yoga or however you plan on moving that body!

Basically results take’s not something that can be rushed, bought in pill form or cheated. If you want to look and feel different you have to force your body to change over time with maximum effort. Be WILL get there!

“Unless you vomit, faint or die...keep going”

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