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How to Start When You Don’t Feel READY

If you are not feeling ready to take on your next plan, project or task, follow some of these tips and find yourself in a new headspace, one that is more inclined to take action to move forward somehow.

Keep remembering the outcome or result that you want. Oftentimes we get distracted and de-motivated when we forget what our original objective is. Re-center yourself by placing your attention on the goal you want to achieve, not the distractions that are pulling your attention away.

Assume that you don’t have to feel ready to start. When we insist that everything has to be “just so,” we often lose precious time and end up getting lost in minor details when all that is needed is one intentional next step. Take that important next step, no matter how small you feel it is.

Do some prep. You can prepare yourself for effective action by giving yourself a 5-minute break, by doing some deep breathing, or by doing a guided meditation on an app or YouTube. Then try to move forward again.


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