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Why cardio is so beneficial

Hi everyone!

Has everyone had an enjoyable week? Did you over-eat or drink on the Bank Holiday Weekend?

So now we are back on track, eating right and smashing the gym...hopefully!

So have you been sticking to your programmes or changing things up a bit to get closer to your goals. Mixing cardio and weights is a great way to achieve strength, stamina, endurance and weight loss.

So let’s look at why cardio is so beneficial and why you should be doing some!

Top Cardio Benefits

1. Superior Fat Burning

High intensity workouts such as interval training are great for fat burning when compared to long, moderate intensity workouts. You will also hold onto that precious muscle more effectively.

2. A Natural Mood Enhancer

Studies have shown that cardio boosts your mood and over all wellbeing when done for pleasure. It’s also a solid part of a natural protocol to treat depression.

3. Get Outdoors

Cardio done outside offers a natural high and can feel exhilarating. Try a jog through the woods or on the beach, and tell me you don’t feel awesome afterward. Vitamin D production is a bonus.

4. Stress Reliever

Going for a leisure walk outdoors, is an effective way to lower stress. This is not power-walking mind you. It should feel relaxing and you shouldn’t be out of breath or sweating.

5. Increased Fitness

Cardio exercise increases, well, cardiovascular fitness. Funny that!

6. Get Your Sweat On

Sometimes it just feels good to sweat. Get rid of the sin...sweat out the wine and sodium from that cheat meal and anything else that’s been building up. A good sweat is the perfect solution.

7. Boost Your Immune System

Cardio boosts immunity–partly due to the cortisol/stress effects of it. Ever go on holiday and get sick? Cortisol (a stress hormone) decreases on vacation and as a result, our immune defences are less (along the same lines of why you would get a cortisone shot–it decreases inflammation). A little physical stress can be a good thing.

So make sure you’re getting your fix of cardio...pushing the weights is fantastic but there’s nothing like a good run or blast on the cross trainer. If you can’t stand the cardio machines then get outside and jog! Or do your cardio in smaller durations!

See you soon

“You earn your body”


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