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Go sober in October

Hi everyone!

Did you have a good and healthy weekend or were you not as good as you could have been?

So with the October looming we can start thinking “new goals” and I want you to try you’re hardest to stick to your plans.

I’m encouraging clients to “Go Sober For October”. Whether you want to join and become a “Soberhero” and therefore support Macmillan Cancer Support in doing so or you’d prefer to just “Go Sober” for yourself. Either option is a great choice.

By signing up to be a “Soberhero” you are doing something amazing for people with cancer. All the money raised by those “Going Sober this October” will make sure that Macmillan can be there to help even more people take back control from cancer.

Here’s just a few reasons to stay hangover free for 31 days...along with our clean eating and balanced exercise sessions of course.

1) Increased energy levels & higher productivity

Alcohol makes it difficult for your body to absorb many essential nutrients. With low levels of the ‘happy hormone’ alcohol is linked to depression, anxiety, stress and low energy.

2) Lose weight

Alcohol supplies only empty calories and offers no nutritional benefits. It’s burned off first by the body as it sees it as a toxin. Alcohol actually slows down the process by which your body burns fat. The more you drink, the more alcohol must be metabolized before other calories so all other calories will be stored as fat.

3) Look younger & clear skin

Regular drinking inhibits production of digestive enzymes, which reduces your ability to absorb proteins, fats, vitamins and folic acid. This reduces collagen which means one thing – wrinkles!

4) Stop Cravings

Alcohol prevents your body’s ability to digest fat properly, leaving it to accumulate in the liver. The ‘hunger hormone’ kicks in and you crave chips and sugary food!

5) No hangovers

Who wants to be sluggish, grumpy & nauseous in the mornings?

6) You’ll be healthier

The damage excessive and prolonged drinking can do to your liver can be irreversible.

7) Save money

More money to spend on good, wholesome, nutrient fuelled food and personal training sessions :-).

8) Sleep better & snore less

When you drink alcohol, you can go straight into deep sleep, missing out on the usual first stage of sleep, called rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. As the alcohol starts to wear off, your body can come out of deep sleep and back into REM sleep, which is much easier to wake from. That's why you often wake up after just a few hours sleep when you've been drinking. Alcohol is also a diuretic, which means it encourages the body to lose extra fluid though sweat, making you dehydrated. Drinking can also make you snore loudly. It relaxes the muscles in your body, which means the tissue in your throat, mouth and nose can stop air flowing smoothly, and is more likely to vibrate.

9) Sense of achievement & a good cause

Whether it’s achieving your weight loss goals, proving to yourself you don’t “need a glass of wine to relax” every evening or supporting Macmillan. Knowing you can “Go Sober” can be empowering and will make me very proud of you!

10) Fresh approach to drinking

Once you’ve completed your 31 days you’ll naturally have a different approach to drinking. You’re likely to of kicked bad habits and those excuses for needless drinking.

Here’s the link if you want to find out more

Good luck.

See you soon

“Don’t give up...the beginning is always the hardest.”


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