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Can I eat butter on my healthy eating regime?”

Hi everyone!

Have you all been thinking about food as much as I have this week?

One question I get asked time and time again is “can I eat BUTTER on my healthy eating regime?”

My answer…yes you CAN!

Here’s why.

1. Grass-fed butter is packed with rare vitamins It’s full of fat-soluble vitamins A, E and K2. K2 is rare in the modern diet. It’s involved in calcium metabolism & a low intake has been associated with many serious diseases, including cardiovascular disease, cancer & osteoporosis. Dairy from grass-fed cows is particularly rich in K2.

2. We need more healthy saturated fats Studies have proved that there is no association at all between saturated fat and cardiovascular disease. Butter is metabolised differently from other fats, improves satiety and increases fat burning.

3. Butter is healthier than margarine Margarine contains highly processed trans fats, which are toxic and cause all sorts of diseases. 4. Butter is less likely to make you obese than low-fat products The nutrition authorities often recommend that we choose low-fat dairy products. That way, we can get the calcium we need without all those “bad” fats and calories. But despite the higher calorie content, eating high-fat dairy products is NOT associated with obesity. So throw out the margarine and eat the grass fed butter guys…your hearts will thank you for it!

See you soon

“Good habits are just as addictive as bad habits…but much more rewarding.”


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