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5 ways to turn each day into an opportunity to get fit

Hi everyone!

How is everyone enjoying their week so far? Anyone feeling that January hasn’t gone as planned or are you feeling pleased with your progress so far?

Have you been out and active as often as you should? Perhaps it’s time to get EVERYONE in the household out and active together. You could be their inspiration!

Working out doesn't have to mean running or lifting weights, which requires you to set aside blocks of time. Think of exercise as leading an active lifestyle, which you can do with your kids, and you'll be able to fit in more than you think.

These ideas can help you turn each day into an opportunity to get fit & have some fun together...the next 5 are in next week’s email.

1. Go for pre- or post-dinner walks

Whether you head into town or just cruise walk around the block, building a walk into your daily schedule ensures that it won't get put off. To make walking more enticing, you can make a sport of it. At one house look for a cat sitting in the window, at another run up and down a short flight of stairs.

2. Crank up the music and dance

You could holds disco nights with your kids and several neighbours. Moves the furniture aside, fill the CD player with dance tunes, and let the kids take turns using a flashlight as a strobe light.

3. Make a game out of household chores

Pretend that dust creatures are invading earth and it's up to Captain [insert child's name] to save the day by capturing them with his broom! Make believe he's one of the Rescue Heroes, and have him save his teddy bears from the slimy pit of the floor by putting them safely in his toy box.

4. Sneak workouts into other activities

Have your toddler walk instead of riding in the trolley at the supermarket, and take the stairs or walk up the escalator whenever possible. Drives partway to school, park the car, and walk the rest of the way.

5. Turn TV adverts into fitness breaks

Invent silly names for simple exercises like squats, push-ups, and sit-ups, and then do them together till the show comes back on. Call them princess sit-ups or Bob the Builder muscle builders. You can also play "coach," in which you take turns "ordering" each other to "drop and give me five," or "follow the leader," in which one person leads the others in fun, simple moves like clapping, wiggling, and marching.

Don’t think of exercise as a chore – you are looking after yourself and your family for the long term. More next week and keep up the good work so far everyone.

See you soon

“It’s not easy but it’s worth it.”


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