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8 ideas to beat your inner couch potato

Are you up and ready to move about today...remember to schedule some time for yourself to get active, even if it’s just taking the stairs instead of the lift or walking further from the station.

What’s the latest news with your healthy it getting any easier to stick to your nutritional plan? Are you struggling with any part of your daily diet and if so what are you doing about it? Have you buried it under the huge “to do list” we all have and you will worry about it when it’s too late and the wheels come off completely? Let me know what I can do to support and help you...that’s why I’m here.

Is your mindful eating leaving you feeling better and more energised. Happier in yourself and growing in confidence with what you should put in your shopping basket? Are you drinking more water and feeling better for it enough?

I’ve been hearing positive feedback from you guys whilst I’ve been away and I’m looking forward to hearing more positive news. What have you got to tell me...what can we do to move it forward and get you feeling even better?

Today’s Topic

Without my watchful eye have you had a slacker week? If so or if you’re thinking about taking your foot off the pedal have a read of this...

8 ideas to beat your inner couch potato:

1) Write a pledge: ”I will do 10 minutes on the exercise bike, 3 times per week starting tomorrow when I get home from work”. Pit this to the wall, schedule it into your diary, put reminders on your phone. The more clearly you have thought it through the more likely you are to actually do it.

2) Tell someone: Tell those around you what you intend to do and when. Publically stating a goal makes you far more likely to see it through.

3) Exercise with others: Find someone to do it with. One of the main reasons people employ me to help is to get them out of the house when they don’t feel like going.

4) Join a group or club: Set up a local group to meet regularly and exercise in the park or at the beach. Don’t get too ambitious as it may become another barrier to getting going.

5) Write a list: Do this for potential excuses..can’t find shoes, gym kit needs washing, I’m tired, it’s cold, I’ll do it tomorrow, the dog has been sick...Now address each in turn and write down the solutions. If you are willing to anticipate potential barriers it reduces the chance of back sliding!

6) Create visual clues: Just as you are more likely to eat biscuits if they were in full view, so you are more likely to exercise if the cues are staring you in the face. Put your walking or running shoes by the front door, move the exercise bike into the living room, find somewhere else to hang your washing other than the cross trainer.

7) Be aware of your inner voice: It will tell you “this is a waste of time”. Remind yourself of your goals. Remind yourself that you WILL feel better afterwards. Or simply think of something do not have to pay any attention to that inner voice!

8) Audit your experience: Things will’ll find new barriers. So consider and review them once your programme has started. This will make it easier to get into the habit of exercising regularly.

Fitness Fact of the week

The average waist size for a middle aged woman in the 1950’s was 28 inches! Now it’s 34 inches! That 6 inch expansion is 6 inches of un-required and unloved fat.

Quote of the week

“Make a change a MUST. If you don’t take action, your life won’t be any different. ”

Keep active & see you soon


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