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How ready are you to change?

How are you feeling this week? Are you feeling motivated and keeping the determination up over the weekend? The gym has been busy and it’s great to see everyone trying their very best to make it in for sessions during the summer months. I’m aware it’s a busy time and I hope that the few I haven’t caught up with are out exercising and getting some fresh air. Even when the sun isn’t shining. Is everyone feeling happy with their healthier eating and water intake? What could be better and what could you work on to change. Remember its always the small things that matter...cutting down that spoonful of sugar in your coffee or that pastry you might pick up on the way to work...those aren’t what we need to fill your body with...they won’t get you where you want to be. You might be eating really well but perhaps eating too much of it? Remember how olive oil should be measured out and not slugged all over...yes it’s very good for you but shooting continually over your daily fat intake everyday will soon put your calories over what you should be aiming for...can you rein it in and measure things a bit? Are you in control? If not...can you work towards taking the controls? I’m very aware that us humans rarely change our behaviour just because we know we should. Find what you need to find and make it happen for will only change when you’re ready. So this week team, I’m talking about how ready you really are to CHANGE.

It’s a lengthy topic so I’ve split the email into this weeks and next week’s emails. Changing any behaviour, whether it’s giving up smoking, changing eating habits, beginning to exercise or handling stress, is difficult and requires a great deal of determination, effort and commitment. We know this right! So studies have been done to highlight the general patterns that emerge. These are definite stages of change that EVERYONE goes through when trying to alter their behaviour. This is called a Model Of Change.

Pre-contemplation People are: • Not seriously considering the possibility of change – perhaps because they are unaware of the problem or they cannot confront it. • Unlikely to seek help of advice. • Ignorant of the situation with a “head in the sands” attitude. • Taking action because of the persuasion of others. • With many attempt before they see it as “pointless”. • View admitting the problem as weakness & threatens self confidence. The goal here is to get to the next stage and not into complete change. I try to do this by educating via media, raising general awareness, raising the issue and encouraging you to contemplate the change for yourself. Contemplation People are: • Becoming aware of or acknowledge the existence of a problem. • Seriously considering the possibility of change but need to weigh up pros/cons as to whether they take action or not. • Although they feel they want to change their body composition they feel there are lots of barriers in their way (e.g. eat out a lot with work, rest of family making it difficult to change eating habits) • Can remain at this stage for years • Taking about change but never getting round to it. • Resisting the pressure to change. The goal here is to use Rosie as a soundboard. Talk about the pros and cons of making the change and often talking out loud about indecisions helps you decide the way forward. Tipping the balance in favour of change and building confidence. Preparation People are: • Ready to make change within next 3 months. • Still in decision making process & don’t like to be rushed. • Progressed from contemplation stage by finding out what steps they need to take to start the change process. • Reading up on nutrition, fitness or finding out about classes or weigh management groups. Here we’d set some goals, explore the options for change and choose the best course of action. Building self-efficacy and strengthening confidence and commitment to change.

More on the final stages in next week’s email... Fitness Fact of the week Iron rich foods include red meat, fish, eggs, leafy green vegetables, nuts, beans and lentils. Quote of the week “Don’t expect to see a change if you don’t make one” Keep active & see you soon Rosie

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